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Here are 5 ways to significantly impact the customer experience this Black Friday..

In the increasingly digitized consumer and business world, personal communications count for a lot..

If you sincerely strive to “serve and protect” your customers, you will earn their trust and confidence. And over time, that translates into customer loyalty..

In this brief guide you will learn how to break the customer service training process down into three simple steps..

Here we shed some light on "complaint wait" - the shocking amount of time spent dealing with customer service failures..

In the future, we could see an integration of Customer Service and Marketing operating under a single budget. Richard McCrossan, Strategic Business Director at Genesys explains..

The benefits of a solid Customer Experience program are huge but there are significant risks in "getting it wrong". A sound roadmap will help "get it right"..

63% of businesses are prioritizing mobile in order to create a relevant customer dialogue that attracts the ever-online customer, but is it enough?

One of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction is to encourage your staff to proactively “Connect the Dots” for your customers..

As the debate about whether employees or customers come first rages, Bob Thompson gives us his view on the subject..


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